Quality Improvement

The Ocean Shores Medical Centre is continually aiming to improve its practices. Recently our practice participated in a Patient Feedback Survey which provided vital information to our team on the quality of service and provided to our patients.

What you told us:

  1. Waiting times too long
  2. Ability to talk to a GP via telephone
  3. Getting an appointment with the Doctor of your choice

Waiting times:

Our practice has implemented the following polices to improve waiting times:

  • Late arrival policy – Please arrive 5-10mins before your scheduled appointment time. If you arrive more then 10mins late then you will be required to reschedule your appointment.
  • One issue per consultation – Many consultations run late due to too many issues being addressed. A 15 minute consultation is only enough time to address one issue. In consideration of others please limit each consultation to one issue.
  • Reduced bookings per hour – the doctors have scheduled breaks throughout the day to assist in keeping on time and avoid the snowball effect.

Talking to a GP via telephone:

  • While telephone consults are discouraged by the Practice, in an emergency a GP or Registered Nurse is always available to take your call. However you should always dial 000 in an emergency.
  • Our doctors aim to give their full attention to the patient in a consultation. If you require advice following an appointment (e.g. medication dosage) and you doctor is in a consultation a message will be taken by reception and passed on to the doctor to action.
  • All requests for scripts, referrals, paperwork to be completed, etc require an appointment to be made.

Getting an appointment with the Doctor of your choice:

  • Online booking is available which makes it easier to see when your preferred GP is next available.

We are always seeking ideas about how we can improve the service we offer.  If you have any suggestions or ideas please complete the feedback form in reception and hand it into Reception or place in the box provided.